About Us

Nelthropp & Low, was once known as the Gold Shop, which opened its doors on St. Croix in the 1970’s. Owner Rob Low moved to the island in 1985 and purchased the store in 1989, just after Hurricane Hugo. In 1990, the store moved from King’s Alley, around the corner to Strand Street in the Pan Am Pavilion where you can still find us beneath historic Danish archways lined by tropical foliage.

In 2005 The Gold Shop became Nelthropp & Low. The now recognizable logo and crest came about by suggestion and Rob took the design to another level, combining the Nelthropp and the Low family crests, flanked by palm trees and incorporating the profile of a brilliant cut diamond. The motto”Nitor et Amor” is Latin for “brilliance and love”, and is a theme that we strive to express and share in our business and our work.

Today, Nelthropp & Low boasts a full service workshop at the store full of; tools, drills, bits, rubber molds, models, a lost wax casting operation, a state of the art laser welder and much more, where our jewelers do a wide array of jewelry repairs, custom work and manufacturing. Low and employees work with customers’ inspirations to create custom pieces and make their jewelry dreams a reality.

Our goldsmiths have many signature pieces of their own design, as well as stock items and lines designed by Rob. We carry colored gemstone pieces inspired by the sea such as pearls and Larimar, a pale turquoise colored Caribbean stone. Another store specialty is our island “Chaney” jewelry. Chaney is the name given to the broken shards of Danish china dishes collected from areas around estates that were once sugar plantations. Long ago, children used the green, black, blue, or pink patterned pieces in games and as play money.

If you have visited our store, you will find our large selection of island style jewelry including many unique and exclusive island bracelet designs, tranquil blue Caribbean larimar jewelry, “Chaney”, treasure coins and of course fine diamonds and genuine gemstones. If there is something you have seen in the store, or something you are looking for that you do not see on our site, please send an email to: info@nelthropp-low.com.

If you are on St. Croix, or coming for a visit, be sure to stop by our retail location on Strand Street in Christiansted. The quaint shopping town boasts galleries, cafés, restaurants and unique retail shops along the narrow roads reminiscent of days gone by with the Danish architecture laid back friendly atmosphere.